Our Programs

Our Programs

  • Family Support Group
  • Skilled Nursing Care & Health Education
  • Staff’s consultation with personal physicians in developing each participant’s plan of care
  • Rehabilitation services from licensed physical, occupational, respiratory and speech therapists
  • Medical Social Workers
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Hot Meals and Nutritional Counseling & Education: Regular and specific diets are available – breakfast, lunch and snacks


Health Service Maintenance & Monitoring:

  • Blood Pressure Checks / Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Respiratory Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Blood Sugar Monitoring
  • Nutritional & Dental Monitoring
  • Immunizations: TB, Flu & Pneumonia
  • Routine Medicine Administration
  • Bathing / Feeding
  • Restorative Care
  • Toileting / Bladder Training
  • Barber Services / Stylist
  • Manicures / Pedicures


Transportation To and From the Center:

  • DSS, VA, and Private Pay Transportation available but Blessed Assurance does not provide transportation.


To determine eligibility, a caregiver need only call Blessed Assurance Adult Day Care (704-845-1359), arrange a visit and undergo a short assessment.  In many cases, enrollment occurs immediately. Our typical participants are at least 18 years of age and may experience some of the following: mental or physical challenges, be frail or elderly, lack daily socialization with peers, have PARKINSON’S DISEASE, DOWN SYNDROME, CEREBRAL PALSY, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, BRAIN INJURY, STROKE, SCHIZOPHRENIA, MENTAL IMPAIRMENT, CHRONIC HYPERTENSION, DIABETES, ALZHEIMERS, and/or may be in need of rehabilitation services to ensure their continued independent living.

Our Cost
Costs are derived based on the desires of the care provider, the doctor’s recommended services  and the participant’s plan of care. Costs are normally less than half the cost of In-Home Care and one-fifth of the cost of Nursing Home / Assisted Living. Our Program Director will discuss and plan for payment based on each individual’s financial situation. CAP Medicaid, VA, Long Term Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, various other insurances (Worker’s Compensation, AFLAC, etc.) and private pay (Trust Funds, Pension distributions, etc.) are accepted forms of payment.