Barbara, Caregiver of her 85 year old mother Agnes: “Blessed Assurance provides us with peace of mind in knowing my mother is well taken care of. She enjoys it and my husband and I can work without worrying about her.”

William, Caregiver of his 91 year old father-in-law, James: “The Adult Day Care has been a great blessing! It has alleviated a lot of worrying about him being home alone, not receiving meals, being socially isolated and not being monitored.”

Vanessa, Caregiver of her 91 year old grandfather, Henry: “Blessed Assurance provides me with the assurance that my grand dad will be kept safe, his personal care needs will be met and I can work without worrying about him.”

Alice, Caregiver of her 96 year old mother, Hazeline: “Blessed Assurance has made a big difference in our lives. Mom looks forward to her bus ride to the center, being with friends and experiencing life. I now have peace of …

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Rebecca, Caregiver of her 80 year old mother, Gladys: “Mother enjoys going to the center. She looks forward to meeting her newly acquired friends. This program has enriched all our lives and mother has been revived. It also helps me …

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Janice, Caregiver of her 64 year old sister, Barbara: “My sister looks forward to her weekly program at Blessed Assurance. She gets to see her friends and I am comfortable knowing she is receiving excellent healthcare monitoring..”